– Love it or Leave it !!!

Welcome to my virtual world. Now that you are already here, “What U See is What U Get.

As a disclaimer, the Voice and Video excerpts along with my views expressed are privileged and classified to my “Near Me” list.

It shall be considered a Faux pas for internet bots and overly sensitive people with low self esteem and of course those with no sense of humour to still continue, copy or distribute any content from here either explicitly or implicitly.

To those in my social space, I have enjoyed meeting all of my fantastic family and friends and as you watch me grow, I shall attempt to articulate all of my experiences and special moments with you and look forward to creating many wonderful memories with you in the future.

Feel free to browse my site while it might be frustrating to note that all omissions in Tact & Fact are actually transmission errors.

My Daddy shall help me keep this website up to date and in case of any concerns either technically or in my irrational beliefs, I have a Tab in place and so here I go…..